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Check the finest, most innovative, and most advanced living solutions. Our exclusive collection is constantly updated, always at the forefront of great design.

Experienced team

We believe great people are the heart of a great business. Our professional designers are here to help you make the most out of your space, and are dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life. Ready for any and every stage of your project.

Inspired Design
Custom Lifestyle

A passion for innovative living solutions is transformed into a greater mission for ourselves and our world. Explore our archive for fresh ideas, design inspiration, and innovative thinking in modern, multi-functional living.

This collection, a sophisticated mix of materials and finishes, was inspired by straightforward, impeccable taste, offering designs that are both utterly timeless and undeniably current.


Furniture contains numerous traces of what we are and who we are and who we think we are. At LOFT, the brands we sell are made with top quality and durability, and offer a unique and timeless design that goes well in any area!


All of our products are expertly crafted and built to last, meeting the highest quality control and sustainability standards globally available. We bring you exclusive, modern and striking designs that elevate style and ambiance and is suited for any space. Our transforming and space-saving pieces offer a stylish, effortless practicality—where multifunctionality becomes the standard.


ETAB International is proud to partner with BAGNODESIGN, part of the Sanipex Group, which provides comprehensive and integrated collections in the bathroom sanitary ware market.

BAGNODESIGN is world renowned for our high quality products of mixers, bathtubs, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories. A comprehensive range of products is constantly evolving to meet the needs and aspirations of designers, engineers and customers through the exclusive shop-in-shop space at LOFT Riyadh.

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We recognize one style does not suit all. That’s why you’ll find so much to love in our wide selection of room-to-room furnishings.


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We recognize one style does not suit all. That’s why you’ll find so much to love in our wide selection of room-to-room furnishings.

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